Magtooth Speaker

Huge Sound - Small Size  - The Power-911 Magtooth Speaker (bluetooth with a magnet) brings your music wherever you go.  5 hour run time, FM Tuner, Microphone for use as a speaker phone, 2 speaker pairability, rechargeable in 1 hour.

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Power-911 Nano Speaker Instructions


Congratulations on your purchase

Congratulations on your acquisition of your new Power 911 Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Base. Please note the items in the Box.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


1.   Power 911 speaker
2.  Hand Strap
3.  2 Metal Docking Plates with peel off back

4.  USB charging Cable


If you plan on using the hand strap, carefully thread the loop on the small end through the little hole on the speaker and once through, push the other end through the small loop. 

Powering on and off

Please note the 3 buttons on the bottom of the speaker. There is one large button and two small buttons. To turn the power on, simply press the large button for 5 seconds. It will say “Bluetooth Mode”. To turn the power off, simply press the same large button for 5 seconds and it will say “Power Off”.

Changing Tracks and Volume Control

You can change tracks on your music by pressing the + or – button quickly. You can increase or decrease volume by pressing the + or – and holding them down.  You can also use the volume control on your phone to control the speaker.  


Your new Power 911 speaker is also a speaker phone. If you get a call on the your phone it will ring through the speaker. To answer the call, press the large button once. You can continue the call, speaking into the speaker hands free. 


Once the speaker is powered up, you can pair to your phone by going to the settings menu, opening up your Bluetooth menu and clicking on BY-01. You will hear a beep and then it will be paired. Please note that downloaded music is louder than streaming music. 

Double Paring

To pair two speakers for a surround sound experience please do the following

1.  Make sure your Bluetooth on your phone is turned off.

2. Turn on both speakers

3. Then double click on the + button 

4. They will pair to each other and you will hear a beep.

5. Then turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and pair to BY-01

6. You will have beautiful surround sound.



There is a USB cable supplied with the speaker. Plug into a power source a charge for 1-1.5 hours. When the power light goes off its fully powered. The speaker should run for about 5 hours on 75% volume. Larger Volume consumes more power. 

Using the Magnetic Base Feature

Your speaker has a built in magnetic on the bottom of the speaker. You can stick your speaker on any ferrous metal such as your refrigerator, golf cart, fender of a car, etc. In your box you have two docking plates. This is for using on non-metallic surfaces. If you have a favorite spot you want to listen to your speaker, you can permanently affix one of the plates to your dashboard or a mirror and then the speaker will stick on using the magnet. The means you can mount your speaker virtually anywhere. 

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